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{orpheum.wednesday noir} 4.18.12


Johnny Eckó ~ chorum regina

Slightly bigger {orpheum} gallery this week. It’s still Wednesday somewhere. I need to figure out a better system for this gallery. Next week … smoother, and published before midnight, I hope.
That said, another striking collection of black-and-white work from around the world. I must say I really enjoy grouping these images together: for some reason the impact of the black-and-white pictures is cumulative. For me, anyway. All of these will publish as regular posts over the next few days.

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  1. Another great collection! Thank you for including me here! This is fast becoming one of my Pixel faves. :D

  2. Many thanks Knox for this choice and congrats to all!

  3. Knox, this is a really cool collection. I love the black and white theme and the street style photographs. Don’t see to much street work on your site, but I like these a lot! Hope to see more.

    • Brian – Thank you very much for the kind remarks. I love street photography. I love black-and-white photography. A lot of my own work is street photography. I just do a little more to it than desaturate it. Cartier-Bresson is my favorite photographer. I fantasize about shooting black and white film with a leica 50mm lens and going into the darkroom to bring out the magic of the image. Sometime after I finish my next two cds and a book and get married (not sure to whom) and whatever else falls in my lap. :) This site has always been open to all kinds of imagery: in fact, I publish a larger range of work than any other site out there. So, if you have some good work that conveys all the wonderment and the complexities of city life in black-and-white, please send it in.

      • Cool, Knox. Thanks for the info. I’ve been using my iPhone lately to get street photographs. I don’t know if I’m ready to send any yet :), but I’m trying to get out every day and take pictures. Most of the time, I take pictures on my way to work which is cool because there are always a lot of opportunities having the iPhone camera with you all the time. I’ve started to follow a lot of the iPhone street photographers on Flickr too, there’s some really good ones there from all over the world. Who do you follow? Send me some suggestions to follow if you know of any. I’d like to try to communicate with other street photographers, especially the ones who are using their iPhones to learn more about it. It’s the perfect camera for it!!! Oh, and thanks for telling me about Cartier-Bresson, I’ll start reading tonight! I think I’m going to become obsessed with it really quick. :)

        • Brian – to be honest, I do not follow anybody. I have no time to visit flickr or any other website. I cannot even keep up with the submissions here. There is an amazing documentary about Cartier-Bresson called “The Impassioned Eye” – I’ve watched it many times. You will love it.

          • Thanks, Knox. I’ll check it out. I thought I saw your stuff on Flickr. You should check it out if you don’t use it. You’ll be impressed by the street work you see, I think some of the photographers on your site are on Flickr. I’ll email you a few of my personal favorites. And there’s some cool groups out there that are made up of international iPhoners. It’s really growing fast, man! Hard to keep up with it all.

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