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{daily pic} Capturing Time … ~ Marco Volken

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Marco Volken

When I was putting together this week’s {orpheum} gallery, this image really jumped out at me. It’s a goofy picture—a photographer on the sidewalk taking a picture of a clock—but Marco gives it a very serious treatment, starting with the desaturation and the heavy vignetting. I love how he has kept the clock and the upper torso, head, hands, and camera of the photographer in crisp black focus, while greying out and blurring slightly a rather interesting background tableau.

I call it goofy, but it is a great capture to begin with and Marco has done a splendid job of isolating all the elements in a way to suggest we are witnessing one reality superimposed on another. It’s at once quite funny and deadly serious. Well done.

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One Comment

  1. Wow…what an honor! Thank you very much for these kind words. I really had fun with this picture and I’m glad I’m not the only one =) Really appreciate you taking time for this.
    I wish everyone a nice weekend.
    greetings, Marco.

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