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When Not in Rome


Jen Bianco
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  1. Beautiful tones and texture, and very effective use of the fisheye lens. I have yet to process a good fisheye picture.

    • I assume you’re talking iPhone fisheye picture. I think the problem is the classic “losing a generation” which you have to double overcome when you app. I’ve always been a wide-angle shooter but the glass on the Ollo-clip is pretty cheap which makes a difference. But it works well in some situations, and when this presented itself I couldn’t pass it up. Doesn’t work nearly as well in color, BTW.

      • Yes. Specifically, I was referring to applying a fisheye filter to an iPhone shot using one of apps that provide it. The fisheye filters add a lot of distortion and I haven’t found too many images that look good with it applied.

        I haven’t tried adding lenses to my phone yet. I’m waiting (and waiting and waiting) till the iPhone 5 comes out–then I’ll get some add-on lenses. I’m really looking forward to trying it.

        • I’ve found with fisheye shots there is a sweet spot usually just left of center or just off center. The crap glass issue is another issue. But no one is going to buy a Leica fisheye for a generational iGadget are they? I’m looking forward to seeing your results!

  2. Like this Dolce vita mood..!

  3. Beautifully done, Jen! Film-like…that lens is working for your b/w shots!

  4. Stunning! Beautiful !

    • Thanks Jo! I had sort of a magical end to a bad ego/good hair day and decided to do a little Audrey Hepburn homage. And this was using my olloclip fisheye lens– it works when significantly app’d but like regular lenses, the straight captures feel only as good as the glass. And Olloclip ain’t Zeiss.

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