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You may also reach me directly at 510-612-6124 in California. Questions, complaints, marriage proposals, whatever.

Mail photos to knox@p1xels.com (best to send from your iPhone, actually).

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  1. Knox’s, when is the iphotographer magazine coming out? Soon I hope.

  2. Hello Knox, thank you for choosing “Jump” as the daily pic. This is a big honor for me. I am very happy about this!

  3. Hi Knox, wow hey thanks for choosing Myth as a daily pic, this is one of many of friends neighbours and people I’m taking to build up a portfolio for my next exhibition in Wellington. Means a lot to be featured on your wonderful site, thank you. Cheers Leon

  4. Hi Knox, hey man thanks for choosing my Lighthouse shot for your daily pic, yeah I guess it does look like a watch tower, in real life it’s a very short squat lighthouse over looking Cook Strait towards the Malborough Sounds. Cheers, can’t wait to see your new magazine.

  5. Hi, i tried to register, but it don’t work. I have upload an artwork before i was registered? How is this possible?
    Greetings Kristin

    • You do not have to be registered to upload a a picture. If you go to the site using a computer, you can register – the registration widget is at the bottom of the far right column. Sorry that using PixelEx to register doesn’t work – we had to change things after a bunch of malware attacks a year ago.

  6. I just uploaded a half dozen of so images using the app but its not clear I was successful. The aoo says I can’t register with WordPress … Does that matter? Di you send an email acknowledgement when you receive the work? Just wanting to be sure I didn’t just send nothing …

  7. I graciously thank for including my iPhone art! It is an honor. I did not know there were communities of artists doing this. I just stumbled onto doing some ‘sketching’ on my phone a few short weeks ago. It is totally surprising how you can create art on your phone. This is something I will continue to enjoy doing as you can take it anywhere you go.

  8. Hi,

    I’m the guy that called you today about the registration issue…I managed to create an account with you. I’ve uploaded a couple of macro shots to your site…hope you like them.


  9. I have a few photos on this site (thank you!) and am curious how to go about editing my information — website, artist information etc. When I first registered, I included some information but I do not see any information about going back in to revise or add information.

    Thank you,

  10. Hey Knox it’s John ,Lanies BF, thank you for posting a liking my photos we both love you fight against the idiot mob.its a hard long one but just stick to your guy and what you believe in.

  11. Thank you Knox for all your hard work the past year with this website and especially with the Third Wave Exhibition. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and an awesome New Year.

  12. Hey Knox,

    Thank you again for choosing one of my pics, very honoured to be on your fantastic site.

    Cheers from the South Pacific.

    Leon (Apped As)

  13. dear knox

    First I want to thank you, because you have chosen some of my pictures out to your side, I’m very, very honored.

    wow… it’s great to come in here and see all these great artists unfold ..
    it’s a whole new world to enter
    and thank you for giving us the opportunity …

    May I, just out of curiosity ask how many users there are on this page, thinking that it might be fun to know how many images you receive through the day.

    Many greetings

    Dorthe ( Denmark)

    • Hi Dorthe –
      Thank you for the kind words. I don’t really know how many people there are active at any given time. It changes.
      I receive between 70 and 100 images a day.

  14. many of my friends use your apps and I find it great … but why, after having bought it when I want to register it returns me to WordPress whenever I try to connect my brand mistakes … sessiom unkown status-invalid sessions Registration stopped by Sabre … (via iphone) …
    impossible to save me ….
    I am very very pissed
    ps. I’m Swiss, I speak French and my English is not very good

    • this is the first time I pay a iphone application and I can not Interacting!!
       ———————- I am very very very angry ———————————
      But when I see the web page p1xels this is genial and ..

      I do not understand such a miserable Application

    • I am sorry, but due to malicious malware attacks over the past year, we had to move the website to a new server with stringent protections in place. Right now, PixelEx is pretty much only good for uploading pictures. Please register via the web. I apologize for the problems. We are in the middle of a campaign to finance a new site and, hopefully, a new version of PixelEx to go with it.

  15. I still can’t get PixelEx to work on my iPhone since the fix, any suggestions?

  16. Hi Knox, just a quick thank you for putting up 2 of my shots, I’ve been an avid rabid fan of your site for the past few months and been inspired by the photos on it, but never brave enough to submit my own until now, sweet as mate from down here in the South Pacific.
    Cheers Leon (Apped.As)

  17. Hey Knox, is there a problem with the Flipboard app for P1xels? It has not updated in at least a day or so. Love Flipboard and have P1xels bookmarked. Love P1xels!! I learn and se something new every day. You have a really great site. – James

  18. Hello Knox I got introduce to pixels by Jessy Menchaca and I would love to be part of the group can you add me in?I would love to contribute

  19. I am just beginning to submit work. I find i keep going back and ‘tweaking’ images i have already submitted. Is it OK to re-submit the updated version even though basically the same image? Also, any to view images we have submitted?

    • Beka- I have replaced images for people in the past. It’s not something I want to or can do often. I can barely keep up with submissions. But I will, of course. I would really suggest you sit on an image for a while before submitting here. I know some people wait a week or two. That said, I always try to accommodate artists if time permits.

  20. Cant update my info, and no e-mail to get to talk to you??? What kind of website is this??? I never get so pissed of by a website before…

    • I am sorry you had trouble with the site.
      We were the victims of a number of vicious cyber attacks last year, crashing the site repeatedly over a period of days. The database was corrupted. We had to put a lot of security measures in place which have made much of the user registration/administration unworkable.
      We hope to launch a new site soon, which will take care of all these issues.

      p.s. if you look on the contact page, there are TWO email addresses, as well as a phone number you can call – and reach … me! :) No other iphonic art site is as easy to contact as Pixels—the Art of the iPhone. And I respond to every comment and email directed my way.

  21. Hello Knox. I tried to send an email to you but I just get notifications saying that it could not be sent because of server failure. As to your question, I do not download any images but take screenshots of images and reprocess them after. All the images come directly from my phone and are only stored in my computer afterwards. Sorry again for the late response and hope this helps.

  22. your website is actually : pixel SATAN exhibition

    Knox is perverted old man

    • Damn, some courageous person has finally exposed the sordid truths about this site. Oh wait … no … that is a fake email address. Hey, Jackoff, you got something to say to me, my phone number is on this page. Go back to your secret group on FB & tell them I was nasty to you.

  23. I’ll have a think, the other bizarre thing was that there is a pixels at an exhibition blogspot site coming up in search results on google is this affiliated or just a rip off of pixels site title?

  24. I don’t know if your aware but when ‘liking’ an image with the facebook button beneath the artists work it doesn’t post the image to your facebook profile, it posts the pixels exhibition poster or some other sidebar image, after a while your profile is full of the same image (although it does link back to the original images page).

    I think this will mean less people ‘liking’ artists work and therefore less link backs from facebook to pixels (which I assume is part of the reason for the facebook like buttons).

    Facebook is a great way of generating interest and traffic to Pixels but I think more people would link back if they could see a thumbnail of the artists work on their feed rather than the same image repeatedly.

    Anyway hope all is well on planet Pixel! Loving some of the recent work being featured nothing short of brilliant as usual, all best, Jas

    • Jason – The “Like” buttons I have looked at all have issues. I REALLY want one that shows the image being “liked.” But I cannot find one that works. It is aggravating! Do you know of one that works properly? Thanks for writing. Always good to hear from you. kb

  25. Is it too late to be part of the show coming up on the 22nd? if so I would love tobe part of your next show, thanks Phil Bishop AKA iPhonePhil.

    • Yes, it is too late. Sorry. This show only had space for a few new pictures and those spots were reserved for regular contributors to the site. I am not sure when we will have another show with an open call for submissions. Stay tuned.

  26. Hi Knox, checking in, been still sending some through my iphone pixel app bur I’m still not sure you are getting them….Mark

  27. Hi Knox, I was browsing pixels on my iPhone & remembered there’s a wordpress plug in that allows site to be viewed on mobile devices with option to switch between views. You may already know of it & may not work for pixels but thought I’d let you know as might make browsing pixels on mobile devices easier, hope all is well, Jas

  28. Hi Knox, Your probably aware already but just thought I’d let you know if not, the pixels app has some glitches, categories not loading etc May be just my device but then wondered if recent site hacks had gad an effect? Hope all is well otherwise, Jas

    • Hi Jason – Yes, I am aware the browsing function is not working in PixelEx. We had to update the site to prevent further attacks from bringing the site down and one of the PixelEx plugins isn’t compatible. However, I have no $ to pay the developer to fix. Just one of many frustrations I am currently dealing with. Thank God such great pictures come in every day! Makes it all worthwhile.
      I guess I should post something about this issue. You are not the only one who has written about it. Take care, Jason. -Knox

  29. Knox,

    Out of the numerous photos I’ve submitted, nine have been posted. For that, I am very thankful! Your site features only the best pictures processed on an iOS device. I am finding so much inspiration in the pictures that make it onto your site that it pushes me to go even further with my photo processing. So kudos to you and all the artists here for bringing iPhoneography into the well-deserved spotlight!!

  30. Thanks so much Knox for showing my work. I really appreciate it. I am working on a blurb book of the Strange Things Are Happening In Barbara Hepworth’s Bed Series. Should be done soon and I can devote more time to creating images, maybe start a new story….

  31. Hi —

    I’m new to all this – I sent in 5 pics from my iphone using PixelEx –
    how do i know if the pics are used etc?



    • Hi Sally – welcome to Pixels. Well, I am way behind posting since we were down in LA for the OCCCA opening this weekend. Basically, the site is heavily curated: meaning a lot of pictures do not get published. Haven’t gotten to yours yet. I’ll try to get through the backlog today. The aesthetic standards here are set by the community: I merely uphold them. :) I love to publish good pictures and we love to see new talent here. So thank you very much for your submissions. If they don’t make it, please keep trying. The Pixels community is comprised of the finest iphonographic artists working as far as I am concerned, so good company to be in. -Knox

    • Sally – I do not find any pictures from you under the name Sally or your email sally@sallybaxter.com. Can you please resubmit? Thank you. -kb

  32. Haven’t heard anything about the upcoming show. Wassup?

  33. Loving the site! Great to get so much inspiration every day.

    One important note: can you add the actual images to your RSS feed? Right now it only send the headline and a reader needs to click on each one to view the image at your site. That kinda defeats the purpose of an RSS feed.


    • We’ll endeavor to incorporate that in the next iteration of the site, which should be coming soon. Thanks for the suggestion. -Knox

  34. Hi – newbie here and not sure where to post ths question to site manager. Here goes: can we submit work that has been taken on the i-phone but edited on the i-pad? I have a hard time with editing my work on such a small phone screen, even with my new reading glasses :-)). Can someone let me know, please. The apps are virtually the same on both devices so I am not sure why there would be a concern here but I want to abide by the rules.

    • I am sorry, but the image cannot be taken off the iphone and edited. Everybody has a hard time editing on the small screen. It’s part of what makes iphonography iphonography. If I sound curt, forgive me: I have a bad cold and feel miserable.

      As Henri Matisse said,”Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the struggle an artist wages with his limited medium.”

      • To put a slightly softer, less-illness-induced edge on it, all-iPhone is a badge of honor.

        As tabiwallah said over at ipa, “…while it may not be significant and I hold no religious or philosophical grudge against editing on the iPad, this humble iPhoneographer can stick out his chest and proudly claim that he is all iPhone and only iPhone. ;-)”

        • Thanks Knox and Unruly-e for responding! I just wanted to make sure I understood the rules, since I thought they stated computer aided images are not allowed. OK, I will enjoy viewing all the images here and leave my I-pad edited images over at IPA!!

          Feel better, Knox – chicken soup and a swig of vodka??

  35. Hey, Knox… is the new site that you are talking about going to offer the option to find all of our submissions, even those that are not published on the blog itself? I’m not really all THAT organized and sometimes I see a pic of mine and think I should submit it, and then I can’t remember if I have or not. It’d be nice to be able to see either here or in the app, what we have already submitted.

    Thanks and thanks for providing a place to share our work :)

    • Well, Matt, I don’t know. I get a few double submissions, but not enough to be a problem. I have a pretty good memory for images. The next iteration of the site and the app will be about more control over an images attributes when submitting (tags, etc.) and tying it to a user account as well as a more elegant browsing experience.
      The new site will make it easier to create galleries, featured content & artists, etc.
      I will talk to the developers about your idea. It would be nice if people could create their own galleries, but that may have to wait until the next iteration of the site, which would be more like a full-blown social networking site.

      • I am glad everyone is not as nutty as me then, for your sake! lol I think this is a fantastic place to see what others are doing and how the art is growing. You do a great job keeping it all moving. And so many incredible images I see on here each day! It’s amazing how many talented people who are able to consistently achieve such unique visions. Thanks again, to everyone! (and thanks again for answering, Knox!)

  36. Knox and company,

    Are you aware that you can set the role of blog subscribers to a higher lever (contributor) that can write and manage a post, but NOT publish it? That way you could hand the manual labor off the member (saving you countless buckets of time), and still either accept or reject the post/picture before it would “go live”. More detail is here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities if you need it.



    • Oh, absolutely! I totally set up the site wrong in the beginning. But now the issue is tying images to user accounts, using a new version of PixelEx … Hopefully we will have a whole new system before too long. Thanks for the suggestion! Believe me, it would make life easier for everybody … it’s coming!

    • And just to clarify – once the new site is built, someone is going to have go through all the old images (6000+) and assign every one to a user!!! I imagine I will be looking for volunteers!

      • Rather than slog through that, why not archive the old site and give searchers the option to also search the old. Saves all the labor and agonizing over it. Just a thought.

        • Too much good content. And users are going to have the option to sell prints off the new site, which is why images must be attached to user accounts. Believe me, I’ve gone through all the options with everyone involved.

  37. A funny note… I put a link to this site on my links bar in Safari… and it truncates the end of the site name. So on my browser, you all are "Pixelsatan", which makes me giggle every time I see it.

  38. Is there a deadline for the submissions?


  39. Just wanted to check and see if there are any restrictions with regard to selling or showing work at other galleries or sites for work that is submitted and/or accepted into this program? Thanks for such a great opportunity!

    • It all has to do with association. I'm sure you can figure it out.

      • thanks for the quick response. sorry to be dense…does that mean if i submit here, i'm not allowed to promote/sell work through other outlets? just wanted to make sure i know the rules…sorry if it is supposed to be obvious.

        • You aren't even registered on the site. Register, send in some pics so I can see if you belong on Pixels, and then we can discuss "rules."

  40. I have a few iPhone 4 photos that are already out of my actual iPhone and on my MacBook's hardrive so can I submit them to the following address from my AOL account?


    The submission instructions only speak of using this address from the iPhone itself and I have been trying rather unsuccessfully to add the pics back into my iPhone with DiskAid to no avail. Help!

    Thank you,


  41. Why are comments disabled? Would love to leave kudos to my favourite photos.

    And did Maia Panos do a deal with the devil for her talent?!

    • Thank you for mentioning comments. I have to turn them on manually and I often forget.
      As far as Maia goes … I have NO idea. If you are in the SF Bay Area, she has a collection of new works on display at Rick and Ann's in Berkeley.

      • Ahah I'm not so close to SF.

        More like the Western Australia area.Perhaps one day.

        Do you know what apps she uses?

        And can I bribe you to get my photos on here?

        • Joking of course about the bribes.Aussie sarcasm.

          Is there any way I can change the catagory of my photos you have accepted?

          • change categories? yes. send me an email. soon you will be able to manage your photos. categories, titles, tags, etc.

  42. how will i know when you accept my photo? thank you!

  43. How do I upload a picture to be featured on your blog? Thanks!

  44. any way that you can add an automatic running tally each day of the top vote getters?

  45. Maybe I'm temporarily blinded by all the great photos on this site… but is there an RSS subscribe link anywhere?

  46. Donna-

    You can use any iPhone application to enhance your images. You can't download your image to your computer and use Photoshop or other apps to modify. iPhone only!!! Thank you for asking. -Knox

  47. Can images submitted for consideration in the show be edited with iPhone apps, for example Camera Bag or Blurred Photo? Thank you

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