This is the last post for Pixels At An Exhibition.

I want to thank everybody who has ever been involved with the site, especially the artists who have shared their work here and set the standard for everybody who followed.

This site will become a permanent and searchable archive attached to the new site http://p1xels.com, on which we have been working for quite some time.

It’s most appropriate that the last posted artist image is Barbara duBois’s “Entering Uncharted Water.” That’s how I feel! In fact, the image inspired this [last] post. Very spur of the moment!

I hope you will join us in the long-anticipated social network devoted to the mobile arts and the next era of the mobile revolution.

The new P1XELS site will launch on November 29, 2016, appropriately, the seven-year anniversary of the launch of this site.

pixilation |ˌpiksəˈlāSHən| (Brit. also pixillation)
1 a technique used in film whereby the movements of real people are made to appear like artificial animations.
2 the state of being crazy.
3 variant spelling of pixelation (see pixelate).