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House floating away


John Mallon
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  1. i sent you some, but you never posted them.

    • don’t recall. shoot some more and send them in. work on your craft and your art. I’m only posting about a quarter of what comes these days.

      • so you lost them? WTF? they were really good. and i didn’t back my files up after i sent them to you. that’s messed up.

        • didn’t say i lost them. i don’t recall them. i’ve looked 25,000 images since i started this site. What name was attached to the images? Did you register on the site?

  2. the fading of the map is even poorly done, knox! you yourself even have to admit that one. come on, man! boot this one.

    have a great night! chat soon.


    • What is this? People come to this site and insult the work.

      I guess that’s what I would do if I weren’t busy running this site and making my own art and music. No, actually, I wouldn’t.

      It’s a dilemma: do I publish the comment or not? If I do, and I usually do, do I respond or not? Sick of no-talent trolls buzzing through cyberspace like … irritating, but, ultimately inconsequential mosquito-bots.

      I knew another insignificant troll with the initials CP and bad breath. Well, CP, I suggest you start your own site, build your own relationships with artists, get your own press, and mount your own gallery shows. Let me know when you have the site up so I can put up a link to it.

      I hope you find some beauty to enjoy in your life some day.

  3. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. no.

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