We have room for a few pictures in the upcoming Giorgi show. We are eliminating a number of images from the Arty/OCCCA shows by non-P1xels artists. If you have come to P1xels since we did the original shows down in Santa Ana and Los Angeles, please write to indicate your interest. There will be a $30 charge per 10×13 print. I’m not sure if we have room for any bigger images at this point.

I repeat: the slots for the show are available ONLY to regular P1xels contributors.

And to clarify: the bulk of this show comes from the OCCCA show last April, which then moved to the Arty Gallery in Los Angeles. We are pulling out non-P1xels artists work to make room for a just a few more images from new artists to the site. If you are a regular P1xels contributor, and you had work in the OCCCA show, it will be in the Giorgi show. And we cannot get into trading out pieces—too much work—so please don’t ask!! :)


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