I’m still waiting to hear from the company about fixing the ridiculous issue with the site. In the meantime, here’s another gallery of submissions we got for our very first show at the Giorgi Gallery, so long ago.


Kay Frederick

Sylivia Krickova

Funny thing I just realized: the pic of the girl lying in the shadow of the beach chair didn’t make it into the Giorgio show in January of 2010, but Sylvia re-entered it for the OakBook Gallery that opened in May that year and the judges included it in that show. A different set of judges, obviously.

Jeremy Segal


Charles Clutter

Justin Dallegret

Felix Sim

Karl Sonnenberg

I’m looking at these pictures now and I don’t think they are all iPhone. I met Karl once. Had a strange conversation with him. Never heard from him again.

Elinor Schwob

Joaquin Novak-Zarate

Mike Pouliot

Robert Murray

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at these pictures from these very early days. The submission deadline was January 15, 2010, so most of the pictures were from 2009. There were only a few apps. Hipstamatic was released a few days after I put out the first call for submissions for the show.

What was clear to me, in these rudimentary images, was that some people were trying to do something new and they were trying to make it their own. It was exciting.

I had no idea what was to come.