Here’s the list of runner-ups (in no particular order!) for the iPhotographer Magazine first-ever cover contest. Needless to say, I am not surprised to see a number of Pixels artists in there. The images will be featured in gallery in the July issue. Congrats to all!

4. Adrienne Parks
5. Bobbi McMurry
6. Cecily Caceau
7. Chad Rankin
8. Cindy Patrick
9. Claude Penneton
10. Christopher Stern
11. Judy Green
12. James Clarke
13. Gary Wagner
14. Gianluca Ricoveri
15. Jane Fiala
16. Jody Frost
17. Julia Nathanson
18. Veronica Hassell
19. Theresa Airey
20. Mark Daniels
21. Shahrie Mohammed
22. Sandy Wiggis
23. Nicholas Xanthos
24. Jeff Moremen
25. Jane Schulz
26. Jo Sullivan
27. Joshua Sarinana

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