It’s no secret that Petr Palan and I have joined forces with a bunch of enthusiastic and talented artists, writers, curators, editors to publish a brand-new interactive digital magazine for the iPad called iPhotographer Magazine.

We have handed off the sample issue to the designer and will be sending it to Apple shortly, followed almost immediately with the first issue, and then the second and third.

I do not mind saying that it is an incredible publication. If, as some say, iPhone photography is to the millennial generation what rock-and-roll was to the baby boomers, then I don’t mind saying that iPhotographer will be the twenty-first century’s equivalent of Rolling Stone.

I made this promo video for our sample issue issue for Dan Marcolina’s MobileMasters app. Petr nixed it. He says I talk too slow.  Luckily, I run P1xels so I can post it here if I want. It’s weird working with someone! Also, my music is in the app, but I put my friend Gus’s music in this video to liven it up.

But one thing I am certain of: iPhotographer Magazine would not be nearly the amazing publication it is without the input, contributions, and collaboration of many people. I cannot wait for all of you to see it.

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