First off, I’d like to thank the three of you who have contributed to the PIXELS‘ hosting fund this year, so far.

In the past few years, I have asked for help once a year to defray the costs of hosting the website and the monthly Amazon S3 Cloud storage fees.

This year I thought I might offer a signed poster for a donation of $50 or more as an incentive and a thank you. Interestingly, this year is the worst response I’ve ever gotten.

PIXELS has been a labor of love and an out-of-pocket endeavor from day one in late November of 2009. There have been periods where hosting cost me as much as $200 a month (pre-Amazon storage costs), back when PIXELS was receiving two hundred images a day and I was putting in forty hours a week creating content, i.e., the daily pic, the “second look” feature, the weekly black-and-white gallery etc.

Things are calmer now.

If PIXELS adds to your life in some small way, please consider making a contribution. The offer of a signed archival print stands.

Thank you.


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