I miss Rosanna. Back in 2012, which was the golden era for nude/figurative photography on Pixels, Rosanna was regular contributor of bold, striking images. At some point, she hooked up with a new boyfriend and they focused their energies on creating a wonderful magazine, MOB FICTION, for the Apple Magazine Stand. They only put out a couple issues, but they were great. Apple did not make it easy to create a magazine, nor did they ever support or promote the platform in any meaningful way. I speak from experience. But I loved what Rosanna and Mark did.

Rosanna is also the person who coined the term, iphonism, to name what we do here on Pixels. It remains my favorite name for our art form, but I thought it too esoteric and went with iphonic art instead. Maybe that was a mistake.

In any case, here is some of her great work from days gone by.