I’m interviewing Glyn Evans, founder of the original iphoneography blog, iphoneography.com, for a piece we’re doing in iPhotographer Magazine on the early days of the iphoneographic or iphonic art movement. Unfortunately, the site is no longer online, so I went way back into the P1xels archives to Page 2600 – figure about 10 posts per page & do the math- to jog my memory of those early days. And then went back and read comments on the Contact and Curation pages. Some of my favorites are in Submissions Guidelines comments, however. My, what wild times they were and still are.

It’s been a wild ride. I was talking to Andy Royston, who was featured in the July/August issue of the magazine with his beautiful Florida beach shots and a great video, a while back. He had suggested on Facebook that the early movers and shaker of iphoneography, like me, Marty Yawnick, and Glyn Evans, share the “real” story of the movement. I mentioned that to him and,”I’m sorry, Andy, but I can’t tell that story. No one would believe the truth!” He laughed.

I remember those early days very fondly. The article in the magazine will cover 2009-2010. And we will probably follow up with subsequent years at some point.

Here is what I found December 2009 to jog my memory. I remember this being the very first post on P1xels. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. I cannot tell. I think the site URL was iphontography.com at that time.


Baby, the kitty who started it all.

A bunch of my early posts are missing, images of mine. This is the kind of stuff I was doing back then. We only had ToyCamera & BestCam …

photo 2

Wow, another winner by yours truly.

Right around that time, I found an article about taping a phone to a big lens. Still love the idea. More importantly, is the last line of the post, which I’ve enlarged. This is still my belief and philosophy!!


But is it true to the iPhone aesthetic?

But is it true to the iPhone aesthetic?

A great article at cultofmac.com on the lens kluge.

Cult of Mac writes:

“Through a glass viewed darkly, if not even muculently: the iPhone camera stinks.

“To be fair, that’s not entirely Apple’s fault. While there are certainly better camera sensors out there than the one Apple chose to install as the retina in their little iBall, there’s a clear correlation between sensor size and image quality when it comes to digital cameras, and you can only make a cell phone’s sensor so big.

Nothing to be done about the sensor then. But like a fly hovering over hamburger, gadget tinkerer Bhautik Joshi had a seemingly stupid question buzzing around in his brain meats: can you improve the quality of the images the iPhone takes by attaching an old Canon SLR lens?”

Read the rest.

For the record, P1xels hopes that Apple never improves the iPhone camera.

On another note, do you have any salient memories from the early days of iphoneography? Please send them to me. If I get enough, I’ll do a sidebar article: that would be of great interest to me and, I think, our readers.