The image for t-shirts.

I receive infrequent inquiries about the nature of the “Artists” category in the navigation menu in the center column, i.e., when am I going to update it, how does one get on it, etc.

Originally, in early 2010, the idea was to feature an artist or two a month and, as they were featured, I would give each his or her own category. This worked for a while: there was no particular plan (and no particular hurry) beyond alternating male and female artists and I believed that one or two a month was more that sufficient to keep up with the ever-evolving iphonic art movement. How silly of me.

By the middle of 2011, the movement was exploding; the influx of artists and great art to P1xels almost overwhelming. For a while, I tried to do artist interviews more often. By the end of the year, I had a pretty fair list in place. At the same time, a few things had happened:

  1. We had suffered a number of massive malware attacks, seriously compromising the database. At this point we were approaching ten thousand images, so there were no easy fixes.
  2. As a result, it was clear that a new site was mandatory and that the old navigation system wouldn’t function any longer, so …
  3. There wasn’t really reason to keep adding people without a major rethinking of site organization: the number of worthy artists was increasing geometrically and, at the same time, I was removing names of artists who were no longer posting to P1xels.

So it has been a year-long conundrum what to do here. A very recent upgrade makes it so that images stay connected to the user when they come in via PixelEx. This is huge: it will allow us to build in the finding of artists’ work easily in the future, as well as personal galleries, other social features. Unfortunately, the prior sixteen thousand images are not attached and somehow, sometime they will have to be manually done: a project I knew would be an issue when we had merely one thousand images posted, in early 2010.

All this to say I am completely aware that there are many artists who should be featured on P1xels. And that we are working on it.

Elsewhere, I’ve sent a link to contributors for their P1XELS Magazine digital downloads that was included as a perk for a number of Indiegogo contribution levels in our recent campaign to raise funds for a new site. I have all the material goods ready to mail to contributors, save for t-shirts: I just received the final size/color choices from the last couple stragglers yesterday and now can order and silkscreen them.

Lastly, I am awaiting confirmation for the third annual P1xels’ Global Expo dates so that I can announce a call for submissions. Unfortunately, it is beyond my control at the moment. Stay tuned.


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