Recently, a number of people have encountered an issue with commenting where they receive an error message that the site will not accept comments from people behind proxy walls. This has been corrected. If you have any other issues, please contact me, as always. But that one is fixed. Thanks to those who alerted me.

As far as the new site goes, this recent refresh was an emergency update to address major security and usability issues due to the outdated theme we were using and could delay no more. We appreciate the resoundingly positive comments we’ve received about the new look very much. Thank you.

P1xels remains the site of record for the global Iphonic Art Movement and success can sometimes be a double-edge sword, as we all know!  We are working diligently to finish this update on the site, while laying the groundwork for a totally revamped new user experience on P1xels, built with the most up-to-the-moment technology.

We will be launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund that project tomorrow.

Thanks, all. —Knox



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