Pixels would like to thank the following individuals for helping make this show possible:

The OakBook Magazine:
Priyanka Sharma-Sindhar and Alex Gronke, the sadly now defunct http://theoakbook.com

Marty Yawnick, Life In LoFi
Jennifer Modenessi, Bay Area News Group, Arts Writer
Lauren Bernsen, Hewlitt-Packard Magcloud Division
Bill Cassel, http://thephilter.com
14, http://resplendentchaos.com
Maia Panos
Special thanks to:
Marty Yawnick
Ralph Benko
Andrea Kosko
Gustavo Lanzas
Rae Douglass & The Giorgi Gallery, Berkeley

And we would be remiss if we did not thank the pioneers of this emergent medium in theglobal iPhoneographic community, especially those who have contributed such beautiful work to Pixels. Your art has taught us, inspired us, encouraged us.

May 8, 2010