Originally published January 17, 2014, on Tumblr.

I re-threw the coins, for all of us, tonight. The question: “How shall we best pursue our art?”

61. Inner Trust

Line 1:

Anticipation brings good fortune.
There is elsewhere no comfort.

Things will go well by anticipating things. One needs to be aware of what is going to happen, and prepare for it. Over-preparing or not preparing at all will not help to make one confident and comfortable.

Line 6:

A mountain pheasant’s song ascending to heaven.
Persisting brings misfortune.

It sounds great, but this is not going to get very far. Things will not go well if one continues.
(A pheasant is only able to fly short distances, and mostly prefers to run. It is not able to fly very high.)

Hexagram is changing to:

29. Abyss

Getting accustomed to the abyss.
Have confidence and hold on to your heart.
For progress, taking action has value.

A situation that is unfamiliar and dangerous, that one needs to get into and get accustomed to. Have confidence, and keep in touch with your feelings. Feeling fear is natural in this situation. Taking action is needed in order to have progress.

So it seems to end on a positive note!

This is song from an artist on my friend Gustavo’s music label, Nude Photo Music.