closer ~ Joel Adam

Update: I have received a couple more “Alien Sky” images since I posted this yesterday, so I guess not everybody reads my pearls of wisdom and proclamations. :) I think I’ll just keep adding new arrivals to this gallery.

A new app, Alien Sky, came out recently, maybe today. I got three pictures in a row that used it. Glenn Homann sent in one with a note, asking if it was too much “clip art” for Pixels. A fair question and the answer is yes. This site is dedicated to work created, shot, processed on the iPhone,or other iOS devices.

There is that one app that puts a moon in the picture and every so often someone does something really clever or nice with it, so I publish it. But it mostly pains me when I see it used.

This new app, Alien Sky, with the beautiful planetary or alien sky images? No, thank you. Pixels has always been about the vision of each individual artist, not some very cool digital rubber-stamp machine.

This is why you don’t see lots of pictures of graffiti, tattoos, works of art, mannequins, and so on, here at Pixels. There are always exceptions, of course, i.e., a lot of the collage work that comes in, which usually involve a lot of work on the part of the artist, but Pixels is dedicated to iphone-centric work featuring original source material. Obviously images shot with DSLRs or other “real” cameras and apped on an iOS device are not allowed here, either.

These are lovely pictures, so I thought I would publish them as a gallery, while explaining why you probably won’t see any more pictures utilizing the Alien Sky app on Pixels. Although I’m certain someone will do something I can’t resist posting at some point. It always happens when I set down a “rule.”