I thought it might be interesting to show the actual submissions we got after doing the calls for submissions via Flickr iPhone groups and a few blogs like Marty Yawnick’s Life In Lofi. We asked that entrants restrict their submissions to five images. At first, we asked for a five dollar entry fee, but only received three entries. When we changed it to “free,” the pictures started pouring in.

Kit Chan

Josh Mobley

Gil Riego


Colin Remas Brown

Mickey Huff


Ivan Sciupac

John Suarez

Maia Panos

Maia is a good place to pause. I’ll post more submissions later. All of theses pictures were received in December of 2009 and the first two weeks of January, 2010.

Work on the book, PIXELS AT AN EXHIBITION, continues apace. About half the book is curated and built into printer spreads.