We just learned of another iPhone photo contest, this one sponsored by Adorama, The Photography People. We know nothing about it and are certainly not connected to it, but it looks like they have some good prizes.

They have celebrity judges! No one we’ve ever heard of, but we live in a bubble. No women judges either, which we find strange since many of the best submissions we have received for Pixels At An Exhibition are from women. Nor have they tapped anyone from the iPhone photography blog/flickr culture, as far as we can tell (this could be the bubble effect again).

They also will have perpetual non-exclusive right to use your entries in any medium known, or might exist in the future (Apple iTablet anyone?).

Will we be entering? Probably not: too busy here with show. :)

But we thought you might want to know about it.

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I have gotten addicted to LoFi. Can you tell?