Here is the first gallery from Bico, out-takes from his Playboy playmate shoot with Ariadna. I know it is a departure from usual P1XELS fare, but I think we should be aware of how the awareness of the iPhone and its image capabilities is spreading into the global culture.

These are out-takes from Bico’s shoot for the Brazilian edition of Playboy. It should be noted that Ariadna was born a man named Thiago. She is the second transsexual ever to appear in Playboy.

In our correspondence, apart from the interview, Bico wrote the following:

I also wanted to say I love the article on Jon Betts you wrote. He is an artist! What he does it is amazing, I still am illiterate on how to use all these applications, believe me I only have Hipstamatic and old camera on my phone…..

I think it all has to do with looking for the right light( just like in photography), I use the iphone really as a camera and I do not redo,add or manipulate, well I might use brightness and contrast on photoshop and save them in tiff where they go from 1MB to 11MB and allowing me to make a bigger print.

The most amazing part of using the iphone as a camera on a photo shoot is the process,the people don’t take you seriously, which I love, secondly is that it is like shooting with an 8X10 field camera, you can only shoot one picture( now you can do 9) and wait, then you show the results and people are at awe, then it is one frame at the time and a lot of direction, unlike shooting with a Canon 5D where you’ll just would have 1000 captures to then go and choose one. I love the instant effect of the iphone as a professional tool, you look, you like, you go to the next one at the end of the day you give it to the art director and done!

I shot 132 total images in 2 days for the Playboy special of cover +60 pages…unheard of if you would shoot with film or digital, one roll of film had 16 frames (large format) or 36(35mm) and you would shoot at least 3-5 rolls per shot. In digital today people shoot a million images for a job!!!!

On the hipstamatic I guess it is just how one uses it …

Thank you, Bico!