iPhone Gallery at Moscone

iPhone Gallery at Moscone

From the San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, February 3:

Many have trivialized Apple’s iPhones and iPads as mere “consumption” devices, great for reading or viewing, but a pain for producing anything more complicated than an e-mail.

Try telling that to the hundreds of Macworld/iWorld attendees who eagerly participated in some of the more than a dozen workshops dedicated to improving shooting and editing photos on the devices at the trade show last week. Try telling that to the more than a dozen exhibitors at Moscone Center West showing off lenses, tripods, apps and other gear designed to produce higher-quality images.

The term “iPhoneography” has been floating around niche circles for the past few years, but the mobile photography movement is breaking into the mainstream, as hobbyists and professionals alike come to realize what can be done on the devices. The relatively low price, high image quality, editing ease and instant distribution have enabled a burst of creativity in the field, altering approaches from photojournalism to fine art to film.

Some see it as nothing less than a revolution in photography.

“It’s not too dissimilar from when film went from black and white to color, or when Kodak first brought the camera to the masses,” said Dan Marcolina, author of “iPhone Obsessed” and organizer of the Mobile Masters workshop on the opening day of Macworld.

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