I had the pleasure of spending some time with Egmont van Dyck, artist, photographer, and publisher of The iPhone Arts, at the Garden Gate Creativity Center right around the time THE THIRD WAVE show opened. It has been great getting to know him. He is equal parts knowledgeable and curious, traits I find most admirable. We had some great conversations and he pitched in to help leading up to the show, which I really appreciated.

He has published a most insightful piece about the show on his site (linked below). And I thank him for making me look so good in this picture, which I naturally want to share with the world!

Knox by Egmont van Dyck. Egmont, I assure you that you have a career in portraiture. You’ve made me look twenty years younger.

Egmont writes:

The Third Wave exhibit is all about images captured on and manipulated with an iPhone. The exhibit is curated by Knox Bronson, who also runs the website P1xels, dedicated to the understanding and advancement of mobile photography, including the promotion of it’s artists.
For the most part, The Third Wave exhibit reflects work looking less photographic or that taken with a mobile device, as the images have more in common with illustrations or a watercolor by very accomplished artists. This sets The Third Wave show apart from Mobile Photographic Awards or Los Angeles-Mobile Arts Festival, both covered earlier this year here at The iPhone Arts.

Read the whole article here.

Thank you, Egmont!