I want to remind you all of the current Photosaurus contest: Self(ie) Portraits. Final deadline for submissions approaches!

Entering is easy, inexpensive and you can win cash! Be sure to read Rad Drew’s very kind endorsement below. I also endorse Photosaurus: while not directly involved with the contests, I have offered encouragement and some technical advice. I believe there is a place for a fun, monthly mobile photo contest and they are the people who can do it.

This time, winners will be selected by votes, so you can send your friends to the site to vote for your pictures!


An entry from Glenn Homann

An entry from Glenn Homann



on vacation

at work

on the beach

in a field covered with flowers

at home

in a dream within a dream


with a loved one

Your life is the masterpiece


Humphrietta is entering. So should you!

*Rad writes:

My experience with Photosaurus was great. I plan to enter again in the future and would recommend this experience to anyone.I found the submission instructions easy to follow and for the most part things worked great. When I had a glitch and wasn’t sure if my submission went through, I received immediate help and resolution. My submissions made it and low and behold, one of my images took 1st place! The prize money was deposited into my PayPal account before I even heard that I’d won. Now, THAT’S a tight ship! Thanks to the gang at Photosaurus Contest. I look forward to participating again.

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