Pixels At An Exhibition launched on November 29, 2009 for the purpose of promoting the first-ever juried gallery show of iPhone photography.

The first contest yielded 800 submissions, from which we culled 200 images to display in the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, California. The show opened January 30th and closed about a month later.

We sold a few prints and got some great press and P1XELS was off an running.

Over the next seven years we did shows all over the country and Europe. P1XELS was the only curated site for iPhonic art and photography and, as such, is the condensed history of the movement.

After a two-year hiatus, Pixels At An Exhibition is back online, an archive of 29,000 curated images. We shall see what transpires going forward.

The site is searchable by artist, title, etc., just enter a name in the search field. You can also use category menu on the right. And there is also a month-by-month archive list. You will find it a compelling tool for exploring the comprehensive record of the medium.

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