Here is a list of artists for the Markham show. I have updated to include the names of the pieces for the show. We will be rotating some work out as it sells and bringing in other art and artists, probably starting in May or June, which was the original anticipated run of the show. We’ll have to see how it’s going. Stay tuned here for news.

What an amazing show!

Aldo Pacheco ~ Some Kisses Can Make Your Mind Explode
Amo Passicos ~ Horses
Andrea Mdos ~ Tattoo
Andrew Lucchesi ~ Fall Colors
Ashley Callaghan ~ Sweetheart Valentine
Barbara duBois ~ Edgartown Light House, Clouds, Corner of Onions
Bobbi McMurry ~ Modern Geisha
Brandi Eiger ~ Fertile Ground
Butow Maler ~ Lily
Candace Nirvana ~ Longing To Stay
Cat Morris ~ Bee Stung
Chad Rankin ~ Hestia
Cindy Patrick ~ The Cure for Anything is Salt Water: Sweat, Tears or the Sea. —Isak Dinesen
Clint Cline ~ Le Rendezvous
Damian DeSouza ~ Hey There Sailor
Dan Marcolina ~ Untitled, Untitled
David Scott Leibowitz ~ Enough Is Enough
David Schuster ~ Windy Day
Davide Capponi ~ Collapsed
Delta Martin ~ Yeh Hai Jalwa ( this is magic)
Egmont van Dyk ~ Magical Forest
Elaina Wilcox ~ Nude
Elodie Hunting ~ If She Would Be
Federica Corbelli ~ Our Life
Fiona Christian ~ Henny Penny
Gianluca Ricoveri ~ Landscape #284
Glenn Homann ~ Better Late Than Never
Hans Borghorst ~ Pogo At The Pier
Irene Oleksiuk ~ The Secret Life of Trees
James Clarke ~Philadelphia Experiment, The Boy With His Head In The Clouds
Jody Frost ~ Truck
Klaudia Cechini ~ A Piece Of …, Untitled, Untitled
Knox Bronson ~ Unmasked, Golden Ratio, The Return of the Sun King
Kris Torma ~ Deer
Kristina Ernst ~ Fence
Lanie Heller ~ Hushed
Laura Peischl ~ Girl In Car
Maia Panos ~ Portrait Of A Sheep, Gull, Henry
Marian Rubin ~ Meadow Reverie
Marie Matthews ~ The Evolution of Thought
Mark Daniels ~ The Rise of Interpersonal Networking
Martta Kelly ~ Red
Meri Walker ~ Just Now
Meg Greene Malvasi ~ Hero Worship
Natali Prosvetova ~ My Own Microcosm
Paul Moore ~ The End Of The Line
Paul Toussaint ~ Early Morning Fog
Petyr Campos ~ Perspectives No. 1
Pierre Hauser ~ Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Rad Drew ~ Cows
Robin Robertis ~ Underwater
Roger Guetta ~ Never Been
Sean Hayes ~ Angel Wings
Shirley Drevich ~ Orange Egret
Susan Thompson ~ Pickens
T. Wendell Peek ~ Invictus
Yoni Mayeri ~ SD Wharf Taxi