I can catch a kicker, kickup
I’ve got a candy gun
Kick a checker, set up
Keep out, the careful cats

Can I wake a sweeper, setoff?
I’ve got a candy gun
Make a wish that you give up
I love to hear some noise

Like a cracker, rather a blaster, I can laugh out
With a heeler, better beater, I just feel like shit
I see posers more like liars out there, hiding something good or bad?
But I don’t care ’cause I’ve got my candy gun

Check out, it’s me; check out, it’s you
Pick up the flashpoint – Mess up! So what?
Here are my candies in my pocket
Won’t you try some? They are so sweet like hell
I guess I need no see, no hear to be wise
I break myself so hard, so what? I hate it!
Head or tail, what is clear, what you think, maybe cheat, maybe not
And you lose your eyes

Melt BananaCandy Gun

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