Originally published January 14, 2014, on Tumblr.

Love, love, the clouds went up the tower of the sky
like triumphant washerwomen, and it all
glowed in blue, like a single star,
the sea, the ship, the day were exiled together.

Come see the cherries of the water in the weather,
the round key to the universe, which is so quick:
come touch the fire of this momentary blue,
before its petals whither.

There’s nothing here but light, quantities, clusters,
space opened by the graces of the wind
‘til it gives up the final secret of the foam.

Among so many blues—heavenly blues, sunken blues—
our eyes are a little confused: they can hardy divine
the powers of the air, the keys to the secrets of the sea.

—Pablo Neruda, Sonnet 24

Cliffs by Aphex Twin