For those of you aboout to rock, we salute you.

All my unicorns died upon hearing the news. Now I must start building my secret happy farm all over.

Life In LoFi, the pre-eminent iPhonographic blog, is reporting that the tale of the origins of the Hipstamatic app are not true, that the brothers Bruce and Winston Dorbowski, who supposedly were attempting to build cheap lomo cameras back in the early eighties before they died, cameras whose unique imaging Hipstamatic purportedly imitated with its digital filtering, never actually walked the Earth like Cain, or like anybody else. Nor, we may surmise, did these camera prototypes ever exist. Jesus, maybe there is no Aunt Jemina, Colonel Sanders, or Orville Redenbacher either.

I am shaken to the core.

In case anybody forgot, this is what I think of Hipstamatic.