I must confess that this post was kind of a joke. I get letters all the time saying “I know you don’t like black-and-white” pictures and “I know you don’t like street photography” and variations thereof. I love black-and-white photography and good street photography. Henri Cartier-Bresson is my favorite photographer (if you haven’t seen the documentary on him, “The Impassioned Eye,” I recommend it highly).

I had a photo session with Charisma the other night. It was warm enough to go outside naked. We took some shots around my apartment building and then I suggested we go out under a street light. She was game. I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to do—I was interested in how the light would play on her body. I also liked the middle-of-the-street aspect.

My phone was acting up (one of the reasons I don’t think the older iPhones weren’t good for real street photography), but we took a few pictures.

I thought it appropriate to publish a small series as black-and-white “street” art to perhaps placate the street people in the audience regarding my appreciation of and devotion to the genre!

Update: I took this post down for a while because a comment made me feel ambivalent about these images. But I decided I really like them. So I put them back up.