We have three immediate dates coming up, where Apple has asked us to bring the best of Pixels—The Art of the iPhone art into their stores to introduce iphonography to the public, along with some Pixels artists.

To be eligible, you must be a registered artist on this site. Regular contributors get preference over occasional contributors, mostly due to the fact that we are more aware of regular contributors, but the ultimate criterion is always the picture itself. Pictures must be family-friendly, since these are going into retail stores.

Existing dates are:

  1. Chicago, October 21
  2. New York Soho store, October 29 (unclear whether we will have prints in this one as yet)
  3. Santa Monica, November 11

You may simply write to us here if you want us to consider pictures that have already been posted or send in pictures via PixelEx app or email them to the same address, submissions@pixelsatanexhibition.com. Put Apple in the subject line. Please do not send or suggest more than ten. There is no submission fee.

Your image(s) must be exclusive to Pixels—The Art of the iPhone, your own website and/or your personal Flickr page. In other words, if you are posting your pictures on the contest sites or sites that allow computer editing of iphone images, do not submit or suggest them here for inclusion in the Apple events (or gallery shows), unless you have first removed them from those sites.

Lastly, if chosen, you will be asked to cover printing, hanging, and shipping costs for your print(s). This will come to about $30.00 for a 13″x19″ giclée print on Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte paper, payable via PayPal, in advance.

This past year, we have underwritten two month-long  gallery shows, one art festival, and the first Apple event, but we can no longer do so. It is time for artists to pull their own freight: even van Gogh had to buy his paints and stretch his canvasses. We will mail the archival print, mounted on foamcore, to you after the event at no extra charge within the United States (outside the US we will ask you to cover postage).

If you are not ready to cover your costs, please do not answer this call for submissions.

Deadline for submissions: October 6. Selections will be announced October 10. Payment due by October 14, via PayPal. If you are traveling to the event to be a part of the event, you do not need to pay for your prints, naturally.

On another note: We still have prints from the OakBook Show, the Kahbang Festival, and the last Apple event. If you had a print in one of these shows, we would greatly appreciate your buying the print to help us out. We’ve run up quite a bill to get your art out there in front of the world. Please contact us via email.