Catriona  Donagh - Mobile Photo Paris

Catriona Donagh – Mobile Photo Paris

I was supposed to write a piece about this show, but have been so crazy printing THE THIRD WAVE images, etc., I completely forgot. My apologies! Congratulations to all on putting together this exhibit.

From the group:

From 21-25 November 2012, the Bastille Design Center hosted the Mobile Photo Paris exhibition, showcasing the work of 18 artists who produce their photo creations with smartphones at the Bastille Design Center, an extraordinary industrial building situated between Bastille and the Marais.

This was the first major exhibition in Paris to highlight the myriad features and limitless possibilities of mobile photography, which will be illustrated by over a hundred photos, in a wide variety of styles.

Mobile Photo Paris is a group of photographers comprising French people and Francophiles, professionals and amateurs, all from highly different backgrounds but who have been brought together by their passion for one particular tool – a mobile phone, with which they can express themselves in a way that is fun, innovative and high-tech.

Mobile Photo Paris will not only be exhibiting the work of 18 photographers, but will also be organising other daily events around the theme of mobile photography: lectures, workshops, photowalks, etc.

The mobile photography movement came into being with the advent of the iPhone, and especially its “apps”- compact, simple programmes which can be used for image capture as well as image manipulation or post-production. Smartphones have now become the number one cameras used by the general public, and photo-sharing has become the number one use of social media.
Photographers have embraced these devices to create an entirely new form of artistic expression.

There is much room for experimentation, nurtured by the random nature of what can be produced by a camera with minimal controls, providing a new way to share one’s vision. It almost seems, paradoxically, like an antidote to the perfection of traditional digital photography.

Artists in the show:

Nadine Bénichou
Eric Chauvet
Julien Damoiseau
Stéphanie Dupont
Philippe Durand Gerzaguet
Catriona Donagh
Cécile Edelist
Nettie Edwards
Lénaïc Entremont
Jérôme Kerneis
Pierre Le Govic
Loïc Le Rumeur
Amy Leibrand
Jean-Christophe Polgár
Stéphane Mahé
Gilles Saulnier
Elena Shmagrinskaya
Sébastien Vixac

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