These images came in late this afternoon from Christopher Swink. Some darkly poetic wonderment here. Thank you, Christopher. I asked Christopher to say something about the series. His reply:

I took these pictures in November 2011 before a Christmas parade. Originally I did these in black and white with color splash to bring out the red of the outfits. But after reviewing them a few days ago I saw something else in these images. They made me see that there is still hope in this cruel world of ours. And even through the darkness, light shines and children play.

I used Snapseed to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue. ScratchCam for texture. Photo Studio for more texture. Photo Forge 2 for even more texture and some blurring. Back to Snapseed for more adjustments to the contrast, brightness, and color. And lastly Filterstorm for a final blurring effect.