I enjoyed this video, truly, but I am tired of the art/media/entertainment complex treating this tripe as art. The bureaucrats and the collectors and the dealers love these Rube Goldberg science experiments – they take all the risk and heart and uncomfortable uncertainty out of the equation: it’s an easily quantifiable, non-threatening spectacle.

I don’t know anything about Zimoun, but he’s done a bunch of similar installations. Here are some.

You’ve watched the movie, one minute and ten seconds. You have absorbed everything this piece of “art” has to offer. Have you been fed spiritually or emotionally? Will you ever watch the video again? If you do, do you think you will get more out of it?

In the early 1890′s, Irish poet W.B. Yeats asked British artist Aubrey Beardsley, famous for his erotic and macabre Art Nouveau illustrations, why he did not paint beautiful paintings like his compatriot Edward Burne-Jones, creator of such works as The Beguiling of Merlin and other gorgeous Pre-Raphaelite art in the late eighteenth century.

Beardsley, who knew he did not have long to live (dying at age 25 of tuberculosis), replied, softly, “So very difficult, Yeats, beauty so difficult.”

That’s why I love iphonic art. We go for it, the beauty, and make no bones about it.