from record A (SWCC)

First of all, there are two Suns: the physical Sun that enlivens the physical Earth through its rays of light and warmth, and the spiritual Sun that gives us the ‘I’. From the spiritual Sun forces, human beings receive the ‘I’-force – the consciousness of self that unites with the Moon forces, and so on – in order to bring about the whole being of the human being.

Then we must grasp a third Sun, namely the mediator of the highest spiritual forces, which unites the outer Sun forces with the inner Sun forces, and which sends its forces of grace onto the Earth, and has ever since the Mystery of Golgotha took place. This spiritual Sun is the Christ principle: it is what human beings can experience within themselves when they truly comprehend the statement of Paul: “Not I, but Christ in me.” (Galatians 2:20). 

This third Sun was always revealed to the candidate for initiation in the centers of Christian initiation. It was a great tragedy that Julian the Apostate (331-363), who knew about this third Sun, could not inwardly experience it completely.

from record B

.. the “I” takes hold of and grasps itself in our memory. High beings have given us the ‘I’ and memory. The ‘I’ grasping itself in the memory is like a letter that esotericists must learn, and which the gods have written in cosmic space. 

The high beings who bring the ‘I’ have their dwelling on the Sun; they give us what goes from incarna­tion to incarnation. We received our physical bodies from forces that work down through the generations, and these forces work upon us from a circle inscribed by the Moon orbit. What goes thus from generation to generation is like a second letter. We can draw this schematically. We will draw the ‘I’, which becomes conscious in the memory as a point. Around this we draw a circle as the orbit of the Moon. 

From the Sun, we receive the forces that strengthen our ‘I’. We should not just passively observe the Sun, but allow the thought to arise: Oh, you magnificent cosmic body! Through you—through your Sun forces of grace—I received my ‘I’ and all the forces that are connected with it. In all-filled reverence, I thank you! We can draw the Sun forces as a second circle.

Between the collaboration of Mars and Venus is the Sun circle of the third Sun. All the Mysteries have talked about this third Sun. 

  • The first [Sun] is the creative physical one that sends us its warming rays.
  • The second stands behind the physical Sun and is the spiritual Sun which bestows the I upon us.
  • The third Sun is the high bearer of the Christ principle: the Christ who grants us, with his Sun forces of grace, the higher ‘I’. Since the time of the Mystery of Golgotha, a connection goes from this third Sun to the Earth. It is the Sun of which Paul spoke: “Not I, but Christ in me.” It is the Christ, whom every human being can receive since [the Mystery of Golgotha]. This third Sun became manifest to the candidate during the Christian initiation. The tragic fate of Julian the Apostate is that he knew of the third Sun and could not identify it with Christ.

from record C

Let us consider such an esoteric script sign. We must first of all regard the human being as a conscious I, established in a ‘self’. All human beings possess the ability to remember back to a certain point. This occurs because they are conscious of their ‘I’. 

We strengthen ‘I’-consciousness when we bring interest to all things that confront us in the outer world. … We may not become indifferent toward the things and facts around us; we should take everything in. … We should look at and pay attention to everything—which includes what we don’t like or find interesting. Through this the I-consciousness is increasingly strengthened.

Let us imagine that this ‘I’ established itself as this point in cosmic space: In order for such an ‘I’ to experience itself and become active in the physical body, forces must be involved. These forces can be imagined as the circle around the point O. 

And when love intensifies more and more in the human soul, this love becomes warmth that flows down to us from Saturn. Between Mars and Venus is the Sun, yet not just one Sun but a threefold Sun: a physical Sun; a spiritual Sun behind the physical; and a still more spiritual Sun that we call the Christ.