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Colin Brown has been contributing to P1xels since the very first Giorgi show. He loves Hipstamatic. We’ve had many discussions about this. Every so often he sends me a link to a new gallery on Flickr, which I invariably fall in love with. Then I call him up and say,”Colin, can I make a gallery of these images on P1xels?” He says yes and I make a gallery.  These are all from a road trip he took through the Southwest late last year.

He has a funny story about trespassing and the resultant encounter with a small town policeman you might enjoy, along with more images: you will find them here.

On another note, a couple years back he was briefly hired as a writer by David Milch, creator of both Deadwood and John From Cincinnati, which is arguably the greatest television series ever made. I just watched the only season that aired on HBO for the ninth time and it was like it was all new again. Truly weird, beautiful, wonderful, mystical, funny, touching, and light where Deadwood was dark. That said, Milch is a notoriously difficult man to work with, the reality of which sometimes shortens the life of his creations: the recent show Luck being an example.

Colin was so blind-sided by his encounter with Milch, who remains a hero of mine nonetheless, that he created an animation using actual dialogue from his brief stint with the Great Man. Based on this, I am reminded of the old admonition to never meet ones heroes: they always fail to live up to one’s ideal of them. I feel forewarned, in any case.

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