Very happy to say that the preview issue of iPhotographer Magazine is ready for submission to the Apple Newsstand. It only took four times as long as we thought it would. The good news is that it’s ten times better than we ever dreamed, thanks largely to the stellar talent we have somehow managed to attract.

The reaction I have gotten when showing it to people has been uniformly one of amazement. People tell me it far exceeds their expectations, that it’s beautiful, that they have never seen anything like it. Petr, the publisher, reports similar reactions in Europe, where he is traveling.

The magazine is a digital multi-media publication for iPad, fully interactive, with galleries, text, video, and, of course, audio.

One of my favorite sections is The Secret Smartographer, the diary of an eccentric Londoner who has discovered iPhone photography. While his identity must remain a mystery for now, I can tell you that the voice of the The Secret Smartographer is none other than a much loved P1xels’ artist, Jamie Stewart, who is a professional actor on top of being a splendid iphonic artist. It was fascinating to work with him and listen as he created the character. He nailed it on the third try.

This excerpt is from our Preview Issue. In the first real issue of iPhotographer Magazine, he discovers Instagram and the adventure begins.