Clint Cline ~ What If

Clint does the most imaginative things, always with a spark of reverence for life, the Divine implicit in his images. I love the pudgy caterpillar, curled underneath the asymmetric and very stylish and playful butterfly. Beautiful palette, amazing texturing. And circles: world without end, amen.

Clint’s work is emblematic all the qualities that make iphoneography/iphonic art the magnificent alternative to the process-obsessed modern art narrative (which is why I love iphonic art so much): singular, bold, and vibrant images created as we struggle with passion and discipline against the many limitations of the Not-camera.

As the poet Ezra Pound wrote, “Beauty so difficult.”

I am reminded of something I saw on Twitter the other day, written by a guy who regularly goes out of his way to libel me there and elsewhere (he wears a baseball hat). Amidst the current, ongoing battle over the terms “mobile photography” vs. “iphoneography,” he said something to the effect that what “Knox publishes over at P1xels is NOT iphoneography.” Well, it is, actually.

The revolutionary new art form that’s inspired by, shot with, and edited on the iPhone” according to Apple in the July, 2010, announcement of our first in-store event, thus ending the bloody online war over off-device editing. In December of  2009 we had declared images edited on desktop or laptop computer to be ineligible for the site or shows, setting off the conflagration which lasted seven months. Thus the P1xels ethos triumphed and we had defined the medium.

I saw the war between the “mobile” photographers and the “iphoneographers” coming a year ago. It’s one reason I started using the term “iphonic art” on this site. But the terms iphoneography and iphonic art are pretty much interchangeable as far as I am concerned.

I want to remind you all that I will be speaking at Macworld on January 30th at a very special, all-day event dedicated to “mobile photography.” Don’t worry, I’m going to set them straight on the terminology in my presentation! I hope you can make it – get your tickets now.

Happy Sunday.

Poulenc Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano 1st mov.

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