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Marian Rubin ~ A Man from Brooklyn

Marian Rubin ~ A Man from Brooklyn

Marian does these wonderful black-and-white portraits. She had a daily pic back in late November with a shot of this really cool old-school photographer.

This picture just grabbed me when I laid eyes on it. I don’t know why. Great lighting. It’s a strong portrait that seems to capture this man, even though he isn’t revealing much with that poker face of his. He plays it close to the vest, that much is obvious. He minds his own business and will keep a confidence.

When I think about Brooklyn, I think about it being the hipster capitol of the world, land of artisanal baguettes, micro-breweries, and tattoos. For some reason, I cannot picture him buying mayonnaise made with non-gmo oils and NY local, pasture-raised eggs at Empire Mayonnaise on Vanderbilt Avenue in that borough. And I sincerely doubt he’s wearing skinny black jeans or Hush Puppies.

Maybe he’s in publishing. Or he’s a doctor. Whatever he does, and whoever he is, he has excellent style. He has never, by choice, walked on the Wild Side, but he is cognizant, due to its close proximity, of all its dangers and delights.

Walk On The Wild Side by Lou Reed (with an assist from David Bowie)