Veronica Moloney ~ Sapphires & Darkness II

Veronica Moloney ~ Sapphires & Darkness II

I’ve been doing P1xels for three years and four months. I have published nineteen thousand images; I have looked at, conservatively, seventy thousand submissions during that time (I really have no way of knowing at this point). I am aware of every artist who posts here, has posted in the past, who is new, who has hit a new level, who is over-producing, who is pushing, working, failing and growing, all that. Each artist has his or her own presence on P1xels: some are loud, some are quiet and forthright, some fly under the sun, some seduce, some are thinkers, some sing, some break suddenly in a whole new direction, some are bold experimenters, some refine and polish a very personal vision, some are cool jazz and some are hip-hop, some are serious, some are funny, and some are simply mysterious.

I wrote this about Veronica Moloney the last time she had a Daily Pic: “Veronica is relatively new to P1xels and I don’t know anything about her beyond her beautiful, mysterious moody images.”

And this is still the case, except that Veronica isn’t so new P1xels anymore. She doesn’t submit often, but her works all share the same dreamy, sensual, moody qualities we find here.

So here is to no answers and to uncertainty: to mystery, surprise, delight, and dreaming.

Here is a song and a video that is as strange and mysterious and beautiful as Veronica’s picture.

Retrograde by James Blake