Chad Rankin ~ Ποσειδῶν ~ Poseidon

Chad Rankin ~ Ποσειδῶν ~ Poseidon

I was going to use a more recent picture of Chad’s for today’s Daily Pic, but when I was setting the “featured image” in WordPress, I noticed this one in the Media thumbnail gallery, which I had missed when it came in. It looked intriguing, so I opened it up & really liked it.

I thought I would publish it & make it the Daily at the same time. The song I had already chosen for the other picture goes much better with this picture, that much is certain: Sea Song by Robert Wyatt, really obscure and really odd, one of my favorites way back when. I suggest reading the lyrics along with the song. So very strange but they make perfect sense still.

Happy Sunday.

You look different every time you come
from the foam-crested brine
It’s your skin shining softly in the moonlight
Partly fish, parly porpoise, partly baby sperm whale
Am I yours? Are you mine to play with?
Joking apart when you’re drunk
You’re terrific when you’re drunk
I like you mostly late at night – you’re quite all right

But I can’t understand the different you
In the morning when it’s time to play
at being human for a while
Please smile!

You’ll be different in the spring, I know
You’re a seasonal beast
Like the starfish that drifted with the tide, with the tide
So until your blood runs to meet the next full moon
Your madness fits in nicely with my own, with my own
Your lunacy fits neatly with my own – my very own

Sea Song by Robert Wyatt (formerly of King Crimson)