Marian Rubin ~ Photographer

I am old enough to have worked with guys who looked like this. This man, in particular, reminds me of Fran Ortiz, who worked at the SF Examiner where I was a copyboy in the early seventies.

Fran was a great news photographer whose works – four pieces as a matter of fact – were chosen by the New York Museum of Modern Art for their retrospective of twentienth century photojournalistic excellence. He was a gentleman, a kind man, a great cook, and quite the ladies man: he gave me a lamb recipe for the first time I had a woman over to my place for a serious dinner date. It worked.

He also introduced me to Beethoven in my early twenties. He could speak with authority about the music, Beethoven’s life, and the times in which Beethoven lived. We would sit around the M&M Tavern at 5th & Howard and drink and talk about the late quartets, the Grosse Fugue … and I would try to soak it up and I’d go buy pieces he would recommended … and I’d listen to them when I tired of Bowie, Roxy Music, and Captain Beefheart.

I am forever grateful to him.

I love this picture, not just for the memories it triggered. It’s a great picture of a very cool guy. I like the shot, the apping: all work together to create a modern remembrance of a bygone, for the most part, era. Well done.


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