Abby Hanneman ~ Red Hot

Abby Hanneman ~ Red Hot

I have been really enjoying these seaside pictures of Abby’s. This is a gorgeous seascape at sundown. And you are thinking, “Gee, Knox, thank you for clarifying that.”

In any case, it brings to mind this beautiful song …

Oh, how could you ever know what you’ve done
You warmed my heart when I was so all alone
But all I have to give
Are my dreams of coming and going forever
Inside the rivers of time you’ll find me waiting
For you to find peace in your mind
So we can love again

Love from Room 109 at the Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway) by Tim Buckley

This song was recorded in one take some time in 1969. When played back in the studio control booth, they discovered a buzzing, perhaps a ground loop, throughout the song. Buckley was distraught, to say the least. The producer had the idea to mask the sound with a tape of waves crashing on the shore. It worked beautifully.