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Alon Goldsmith – Jump (collaboration Alon Goldsmith and Paul Moore)

This picture just grabbed me. It is a great shot to begin with, beautiful composition, perfect desaturation in brightness and contrast levels. Tiny beach break crashing on shore, fluffy white clouds on the horizon, monolithic concrete stucture of indeterminate function. But the insertion of the girl jumping just takes it to another place entirely. So weird and I love it. I’m not sure who did what, between Alon & James, but this is a wonderful collaboration.

Very strange. Stranger the more I look at it. Good work!

Too tired to write anymore. Long day, then a 21-song set down at Art Murmur, then I had to walk four miles home, because no cabs or bus came, carrying a guitar. It was fun, though.

So … video time. Don’t know how I ended here, but I went through the Doors, The Who, and of course Bowie, before I landed on Beck (and, no, Jump by Van Halen was never under consideration) … seems to work nicely with this picture.