Andrea Koerner ~ Wytchwood

Andrea Koerner ~ Wytchwood

I have a confession to make. Once in a rare while, just for fun, or because I am totally burnt out, I ask someone from P1xels to choose the Daily Pic. I give him/her some guidelines, of course. And every single time, the person comes back after a period of time and says,”It’s hard!”

Oh, my droogies, do I know this to be true.

Tonight was one of those nights. So many great pictures have come in these past few days, I mean, last few years. But, really, I had a hard time tonight, choosing one.

This picture of Andrea’s jumped out at me the other day. And it continued to jump out at me every time I was scrolling through the site. A lot going on here, sometimes dark, sometimes light. I’m sure it’s just me, but I see a bit of pre-Renaissance religious iconography and a whole lot of mystery, which I love.

Into The Night by Big Black Delta