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Andrea Mdos ~ Untitled

Andrea Mdos ~ Untitled

Andrea possesses a unique vision: her work is colorful and graphic, smart and fun. It’s always a joy when she sends a batch of pictures in. She has at least one tutorial over at and it’s an instructive look into her process. Her work looks like it was painted or drawn, but she uses photographs as source material and just takes them into that Andrea Mdos place.

Process is process and vision is another thing entirely. Andrea’s work exudes a strong Pop sensibility, with echoes of Roy Lichtenstein predominant (in my mind, anyway).

I noticed on Facebook yesterday that Andrea is in the hospital again. She has been dealing with health issues ever since a car accident in early 2011. Andrea, if you see this (and I hope you do) please know that people all over the world are wishing you a speedy recovery. And we love your art. And you!