Aldo Pacheco

One thing I’ve always liked about Aldo’s work is that it is bold, colorful, and vibrant. This particular image is rather muted compared to most of his images. It looks to me as if he has layered two images together, same building, different angles, to give us a sort of playful cubist effect.

I love how he has used white vignetting so that the building composite sort of floats in a bright space, like a green spaceship emerging from a bath of swirling trans-dimensional light. But then, the traffic lights remind us we are still earthbound! Drat. Okay, I’m playing a little, but I like the playfulness of this piece, the positive modern urban experience conveyed.

Who but David Bowie would or could write a song about city architecture and the great architect Philip Johnson?

All the majesty of a city landscape
All the soaring days of our lives
All the concrete dreams
In my mind’s eye
All the joy I see
Through these architect’s eyes

I don’t know, thought it was kind of appropriate for Aldo’s picture!