Andrea Koerner

The first thing that caught my eye here was the color and the composition. The brown stone work at the bottom,  picked up again in the house, climbing up the right side of the picture to the brownish vignetting at the top of the picture. The bright green slash of lawn above the retaining wall, echoed lightly in the lower sky behind the house and the upper corner of the picture. Of course we have the reds arcing from the left to the right from door to the swirling foliage in the tree to roof to flower bed. The sky is gradated into a brilliant cobalt blue and the wafting clouds soften the top of the image. I assume Andrea used ToonPaint on the grass blades and elsewhere in the picture. She has done a wonderful job of painting and tinting everything: I love how she has picked up all the main colors—blue, green, red, various browns, of course, and greys—in the oddly shaped stonework that comprises the structure of the house. We see a hint of door, a heavy iron door-knocker, one thin vertical window, strange stone flanges on the curved corner abutment: this is one strange suburban house, indeed.

Andrea got a great shot and put a lot of thought and work into it. We can never know everything that goes into bringing forth the magic of an image, even our own, I suppose. But it is clear she spent quite a while on it.

I guess the part I really like about this idyllic piece, showcasing, as it does, the solid rewards of the American dream, is that I feel like I am looking at a poster for a David Lynch movie.