Brett Chenoweth ~ Arise

Brett Chenoweth ~ Arise

I loved this picture the instant I saw it, knew I would use if for the Sunday Daily Pic. I loved yesterday’s Daily as well, the kitty in supplication to whatever deity or deities to whom cats pray. I believe cats live largely in a different universe, or vibrational plane, from ours, so who knows?

I’ve been reading, among other things, Secrets of the Biblical Story of Creation, by Rudolph Steiner, a Christian mystic and clairvoyant from the early twentieth century. To be truthful, I understand about as much of what he is talking about as I do when I read books about quantum mechanics, modern string theory, the wall of light at the edge of the universe, which is to say not much at all, but I love where they send me.

Steiner, whose theories were the basis for the Waldorf schooling system, as well as biodynamic farming techniques, the use of which is growing exponentially around the world in recent decades, said that the human has passed through phases of living in Saturn, in the Moon, and in the Sun, and eventually we were manifested on Earth in our current human form.

He spoke a lot about the Elohim—archangels—and their duties. And that each plant has a collective consciousness, i.e., all the carrots in the world are one connected being. And he refers to eons, Aeons, as actual entities, beings, not just simple mechanical and huge passages of time.

As I mentioned, I am somewhat baffled by it all. Mystified. And I am happy with that. It sends my imagination soaring, like much of the work that comes in to P1xels, like Brett’s wonderful Arise.

When I was in my early twenties I believed with every fiber of my being that one day I would figure everything out and I (and everything) would be okay from that point on.

Now, I like not having answers, of not having the need to figure everything out, and not worrying about it.

But God knows we usually have to go through some real life to get to that place.

Happy Sunday.

There was only one song that came to mind for Arise.

Oh God,
Where are you now?
And what you gonna do
About the mess I’ve made
If there was ever a soul to save
It must be me
It must be me

Dear God,
Oh how can I survive?
Will I make this drop this dive?
When it all comes to this
I’m looking down at the abyss
Where you don’t exist
You don’t exist

But if you hear me
If you can see me,
I know I can’t be that strong
‘Cause everything I ever did went wrong
Everything I ever did went wrong

Oh God
Now where do I come in?
Gone and broken everything
So I hope you’ll understand
If someone needed a helping hand
It must be now
It must be now

Oh God by Annie Lennox

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