Lil-ja Palavra ~ “Only she knows”

Don’t have much to say about this one, except that I love the soft focus, the layering, the beautiful color palette, the red flower echoed by the green circle, the overall composition and flow of elements. Very happy to see Lil-ja submit some pictures again.

A the dawn of an ordinary Sunday
I remember the taste of you, sweet in my mouth,
Late in the year.
And in the stillness of the Oriente rainfall
I remember the warmth of you, still in my arms,
Late, late in the year.

I will bring to you flowers in the night
Soft as my trembling fingers touch you–love,
I can offer you wine and candlelight
Late in the year.
Late in the year.

Love Song For The Dead Ché by The United States Of America

In defense of the USofA singing a beautiful ballad for the homicidal son-of-privilege and terrorist who was Ché Guevara, this was 1967. All we knew at that time was that the CIA had killed him. So he was romanticized … still is in some circles … but don’t believe the hype. Nonetheless a gorgeous love ballad by a long lost and largely forgotten band.

I’m pretty sure they were the first band to ever list synthesizer gear on their album notes. As I recall, it was a VCO (voltage-controlled oscillator) and a ring modulator … but you have to have two audio signals to use a ring modulator, so maybe they had two VCOs.